Core Tenants


We are BD & RIA agnostic. This allows us to have a broader and more diverse network.


We are an entrepreneurial firm. That core attribute allows us to represent and create products, value adds, and service our members quickly and without bureaucracy.

Force for Positive Change

Alliance dedicated to being a force for positive industry change and charitable causes.

Our Story

Viking Cove Institute’s origin began in 2001 when the firm saw the independent retirement advisor underserved. Fiduciary tools, services, and a platform of support were out of reach housed at large consulting firms. With that in mind, National Retirement Partners (NRP) was formed, creating access to institutional resources and empowering advisors to grow their practices into some of the largest and most successful today, In 2011, NRP navigated a sale to LPL, bolstering their capabilities and presence. However, at our core, we are entrepreneurial in spirit and in 2015 spun Global Retirement Advisor Alliance (GRPAA) out of LPL to remain nimble and re-align with the broader elite community. Today we find ourselves in unprecedented times of consolidation and convergence. Large insurance firms, private equity and competing aggregators all offering buyouts to advisors and consultants, including our members. Because of our independence, the Viking Cove Institute stands untethered with industry leaders committed to driving positive change together. We are proud of our heritage, what we have done for the industry, and will continue to do with the help of our growing membership and allies.